Outdoor plant

  • Pink Valentine Plant

    Keep the air around you fresh and clean with this Pink Valentine plant It offers a very good ornamental value to any home, whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to its humidifying, air purifying, and low-maintenance properties. Comes planted in a chic-White imported ceramic pots.
    Plant Type : Pink Valentine
    Country of Origin : India

  • Bonsai Plant with Premium Pot

    Send this beautiful Bonsai Ficus Microcarpa Plant with brown pot along with white ribbon & green marbles in a special gifting box that’s making the gift a very special one to your loved ones and family, surprise them through this unique gift.
    Product details:
    Plant name: Bonsai Ficus microcarpa
    Plant type: Indoor plant & outdoor
    Plant Height:around 15 inch
    Handle & Care:
    1. Prefer room temperature
    2. Prefer indirect sunlight.
    3. Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.
    4. During the main growing season feed the organic fertilizer once a month.

    1. A Natural Air Filter.
    2. A Source of Good Nutrition.
    3. An Herbal Remedy.


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