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Money plants are considered to be the lucky charms at our place. It is also believed that having money plants being lots of peace and good health in our homes and living spaces. They are also given as gifts to your loved ones at festivals and housewarming functions with the aim of promoting the concept of GO GREEN. You can’t miss browsing our wide collection of money plants online. Moreover, The most popular choice of people and the green beauty at home, order money plant for your lovely home now only at

Money Plants are also known for their low-maintenance plant, and they have the capacity to thrive for a longer period of time. Buying money plants online has become easy with all facilities of delivering at home step. Need not mention, this aesthetics plants take over all over the wall with their whales and cover it up with greens all over your surroundings. Order money plant and avail great benefits from

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Everyone looks for a gifting solution for their loved ones. We present a long variety of money plants online, these natural green and adorable plants would make the best for your gifting. If you look at our website, you’ll mind different varieties of things paired with money plants. Order money plant and with that also you can order a cake, chocolates, etc. By gifting money plant it is a great way of showing the joy, success, happiness, cherishing good time and good life ahead.

Order money plant online at your comfort from wherever you wish to order. Moreover, You can order it for yourself too and for your friends or family across Faridabad. With amazing facts and distinctive features of the money plant, one can never miss a chance to have it at their place or loving space. Giving prosperity and spreading the wealth, money plants can never go out of look anytime. Order money plant now and get tons of oxygen in your surroundings.

Explore Some FAQs Asked By Our Delightful Customers:

1. Do money plant need sunlight?
Answer: Money plant generally grows well in direct sunlight in garden, in indoor places. The partially sunny and partially shady regions can also be preferred for the healthy growth of money plants.

2. Where should you place a money plant?
Answer: The placement of your money plant should be in the South-East direction-represents goddess Lakshmi. Also, it’s advisable to place money plants in red or brown soil. Moreover, avoid placing it in southwest or west directions, as they bring barriers in your careers and also affect your relationships.

3. What is the life span of a money plant?
Answer: About 3-6 months is the ideal life span. Moreover, The life span can be much longer if you take health care.

4. Where should I put my money plant at home?
Answer: Living area of your home would be the best place to keep it, showcasing your wealthy and healthy nature at home.

5. Can money plants be kept in the bedroom?
Answer: It’s advisable to keep money plants in the bedroom to ensure prosperity and good luck. Moreover, they help avoid arguments and cures sleeping disorders.

6. How many times shall I water a money plant?
Answer: It’s advisable to water money plants when the top 2-3 inches of soil dries out.

7. Why does the leaves’ color starts discoloring and turns yellow?
Answer: There might be a few reasons for the same-
1) Avoid direct sunlight, this may bleach the leaves.
2) Might also be because of too much watering that the color fades.
3) It may also be due to plant stress.

8. What is the best water; rain, tap water, or distilled water to use on a money plant?
Answer: Money plants can grow well in normal tap water.

9. Why is my money plant losing its leaves?
Answer: It’s okay if some leaves are dropping off, it’s the natural living thing they lose, they come again. Just have to make sure to take proper care and giving them the best ways to grow.

10. What is the best soil for a money plant?
Answer: For money plants using free-draining nutrition-rich soil.
If the soil is not free-draining, you can add some river sand to the soil.

11. How do I take care of the money plant?
Answer: Money plants don’t really need much of a care, proper soil, light, and water shall do.

12. Can we transfer the rooted money plant to another soil pot?
Answer: Yes! You can carefully transfer your rooted plant to another soil pot.

13. Is money plant a good gift?
Answer: It’s one of the luckiest plants at home. However, for gifts, it might be a perfect choice to make.

14. If I have earthworms in my money plant, what shall I do?
Answer: Earthworms are good for the soil, don’t hesitate, they might just go off with time.

15. Does the money plant give oxygen at night?
Answer: Money plants tend to produce oxygen at night and are ideal to keep where you sleep.

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