5 Types of Flowers to Use in Ganesh Chaturthi

5 Types of flowers to use in Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi as you all know is one of the most loved festive seasons and 10 days of excitement filled with so many lights, sweets, flowers, and prayers. In all these 10 days all you have to do is get dressed up, visit your friends and families and eating lots and lots of modaks, sweets which you can’t resist yourself to eat and make your festive days more cheerful. One more important thing for Ganpati darshan would be the decoration which will indulge your eyes.

Every year of Ganesh Chaturthi, we all love to bring new ideas and innovative ways to decorate lord Ganesha. We always want them to look best and we want them to be covered in the best of best flowers and lights which will enhance their mandap and their amazing prayers from people. Using fresh flowers from dpsaini would be the best possible option for you all as we give home delivery in Faridabad. If you don’t have time to go visit many local shops, we are there for you.

Do you want to make Lord Ganesha Happy? Here’s that you all must know!

As we are far aware that all rituals of every religion have their own set of customs which one must follow, every god in that terms have their own different taste and different way of loving things to make it adorable. We can’t really help we have been doing all these for a lot of years and keeping the traditions on and on which is our thing and we really enjoy doing that too.

Is Lord Ganesha your Favourite god? Well, he is someone from the major chunk whom everyone loves, despite any caste he/she belongs Lord Ganesha is almost loved by everyone. If you thinking to get them at your home this year and are clueless regarding the kind of flowers that you should use to decorate them or use while your pooja and aarti in order to please them. You must go through the whole article which will guide you through the whole journey of your spiritual times. This will you know about the best flowers you must use while your whole process of keeping them at your home, you can also know about all these even though they might not come to your home but you want to please them. You can take these flowers along to please them with your thoughtfulness and dedication.

Before we move ahead to let you know the 5 types of flowers you must use in Ganesh Chaturti, let’s have a quick look at why these flowers are used at almost all Hindu rituals and the importance of flowers in all the festivals. What importance do flowers have in all religious festivals?

Do you know flowers not only are visually appealing but also the aroma and the sense of their very own spiritual vibrations they create by their presence is commendable? So, depending on the deities and festivals particular flowers are used which can attract them and make them happy by already being there. The positive energy, dedication, devotion, and surrendering ourselves to God are majorly inclined towards the flowers and they’re creating that environment. We all can never think of any occasion or festival without flowers. May it be weddings, temples, etc. flowers are very important ingredients to make the occasion look outstanding. So as we keep lord Ganesha, let’s look at the types of flowers which should be used to worship which you all can easily place an order from dpsaini when you need them:

1. Carnations

With so many colors options available at dpsainiflorist.com you will be amazed and spoilt for choice with the carnations. These amazing blooms are one that will last longer and will last 7-10 days in a vase or even at the decoration mandap with freshwater or a one to three days out of the water too they are good to go. You can very easily have the hanging arrangements with help of carnation flowers from dpsaini in Faridabad and make your Ganesh Chaturthi celebration outstanding. Order your carnation flowers this Ganesh Chaturthi from dpsaini with at door delivery in Faridabad.

2. Hydrangeas

These flower named hydrangeas flaunt an old-fashioned charm that one can never forget and becomes hard to resist once comes in front of anyone’s eye. These blooms might seem expensive from the rest, but no other flower could have the power to add depth, color, and uniqueness to your décor with help of these adorable flowers at your Ganpati decoration at your homes or offices. Remember few things while you get these flowers from dpsaini keep them away from heat or they can wilt very quickly. The vase with hydrangeas would be a great idea to keep beside the Ganpati idol on both sides.

3. Mogra

Mogras is the most commonly used flowers by almost everyone for Ganpati decorations. The white color Mogra flowers come with a very pleasing fragrance and have the ability to be clubbed with other bright color flowers like roses for a beautiful décor that makes you stand out from the rest. These flowers can also be used to decorate the pooja thali. Create a bes of rose petals for the idol to make the lord sit on or adorne the Ganpati with garlands made out of these flowers from dpsaini and make you Ganpati decoration never like before.

4. Gerberas and Orchids

These two adorable flowers in the dpsaini outstand every occasion and festival used in. You can use these two beautiful flowers in different colors so that you can attach them to your place of worship and make it one heavenly look for Lord Ganesha with dpsaini with these amazing flowers to make your worship more delightful and have a lovely time this festive season with all your loved ones and with all these lovely flowers surrounded by you.

5. Lilies

Lilies would be a great option for your Ganesh Chaturthi celebration this year, lilies flowers give an authentic yet simple and elegant look to your décor. You can also get these flowers for your loved ones at their place while worshiping to share your piece of good positive vibes and giving flowers will add on more festivity now from dpsaini. This year let’s be the one to get amazing flowers for the festivals for your loved ones and start preparing for your Ganesh Chaturti celebration before anyone else. Happy festive
season from dpsaini to each one for the next 10 days which everyone waits for the whole year. This festival dpsaini wishes you all, to get more prosperity, positivity, and joy to each one of you.

Happy Ganesh Chaturti!

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