• Chocolate Brownie Icecream Sticks

    This finger licking designer Chocolate Brownie Icecream Sticks has been made more scrumptious and luscious with the flavour of exotic flavours of chocolates. Send this delicious  designer Chocolate Brownie Icecream Sticks to your family & loved ones on a special occasion and make it a memorable one. Order it through DP Saini Florist & Bakers.
    Product contains:
    4 Chocolate Brownie Icecream

  • Pinata Heart Shape

    This fun chocolate small  heart shape piñata pieces has an exciting hidden surprise inside. Perfect for a treat party or even as a birthday/ anniversary celebration. Send it your loved ones & surprise them through this unique heart shape pinata pieces.
    Product details

    4 Heart Shape piñata pieces
    Flavor: Chocolate

  • Black Forest Pudding

    The look of the pudding will make anyone drool over it. So to add a sweet spice to your occasion get Black Forest pudding. Send the super delicious fresh pudding through DP Saini Florist & Bakers to your family & loved ones on special occasion.
    Product detail:
    Flavour: Black Forest
    4 pieces

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